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I really Like Kate Middleton’s Style.

I know Kate Middleton Mountbatten-Windsor (aka Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge) is subject to criticism because of who she is . . . a public figure. But honestly, I don’t understand why people want to criticize her fashion choices. Especially since she so often opts for styles that are demure and practical.  One of the latest is criticism of outfits worn during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Today I read about her having worn a McQueen outfit that was similar (but not identical) to a McQueen outfit worn by Kim Kardashian and also by Tulisa. 

Well why wouldn’t/couldn’t she? I think if she commissioned outfits that were designed and made exclusively for her that there would be more people protesting the excessive cost of  her style. Rather, she opts to wear clothes that are available to so many other people. 

But let’s get back to today’s story I read – the red McQueen outfit worn to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Here are pictures I found (credit given) that shows first, that the outfits were similar, but not exact and second, that Kate wore hers so much better than either of the other two (my opinion, but on my blog post that is the only opinion that counts):


In both cases I honestly think the longer hemline and the addition of sleeves made the outfit look better. But also, I just honestly think Kate Middleton wore it better in both instances.


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